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330 IBC Shipping System
The Arca 300 IBC Shipping System.
"300 Combolife Shipping System" Nothing compares for shipping, storage, and collaspablility for return shipments.
  • Rail shipping Certification.

  • Proven durable as demonstrated by exhaustive industry tests.

  • Compact, convenient and cost effective.

  • Utilizes space better, with less costly disposal, than 55-gallon drums, tank-style IBCs, disposable IBCs, bottle-in-cage, and others.

  • Ship nearly 50% more product in the space required for four palletized 55-gallon drums.

  • Built-in cost saving features a wide variety
    of filling and discharge methods.

  • Custom designs can be tailored to your operation.

  • Stacking to 5 high full or empty.