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Container Technology, Inc. Ultra Clean Containers are manufactured to the highest standards. The company pioneered several industry milestones and standards as shown below.

Clean Container Milestones:

  • FIRST to install air filtration technology in the manufacturing process
  • FIRST to install particle monitoring in the manufacturing process
  • FIRST to offer a UN certified drum with extraction tube
  • FIRST to offer a disposable extraction tube
  • FIRST to offer a co-extruded drum and tote
  • FIRST to establish resin specifications for a clean container
  • FIRST to dedicate production to the needs of the semiconductor industry

Clean Container Requirements:

  • A commitment that quality is more important than quantity.
  • Education via regular training and written procedures of all involved in clean container production.
  • Specially designed air filtration with non-reactive materials in manufacturing areas.
  • 100% virgin resin. No reground materials are permitted. In standard drums this can be as high as 50%.
  • Specially formulated resin for low extractables and particle shedding and identification of particles & extractables using hexane and ISP methods.
  • Clean room clothing for manufacturing operations.
  • Special protective packaging of containers for shipping and handling.
  • In line particle monitoring.
  • Special handling of closures to insure cleanliness.