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DrumQuik PRO
The easy-to-use DrumQuik PRO is a quick connect chemical dispensing system from Colder Products Company that allows the user to empty the container contents in a "closed" manner minimizing exposure to fumes or chemical contact. The system is comprised of a rugged, reusable Coupler (dispense head) and a low-cost, recyclable Drum Insert/dip-tube assembly which facilitates the extraction of aggressive chemicals and food products from drums, jerry cans, and IBCs. This extremely reliable closed system increases operator and environmental safety by minimizing dangerous spills and fumes and minimizes the potential for contamination of valuable media.

The Coupler is connected via standard tubing to the pumping system of your choice. A convenient venting port is included to vent fumes or apply blanket gas (N2, CO2, etc.) for oxygen sensitive liquids or even recirculate liquid back to the drum. The Drum Insert assembly combines a typical bung closure (2" Buttress, 2" NPS & BCS 56x4, etc.) with an integrated dip-tube (available in a variety of lengths). The Coupler is joined to the Drum Insert via an easy to use Lock Ring; connection takes mere seconds. An automatic shut off valve prevents spillage when disconnected. The DrumQuik PRO Drum Insert does not impact the ability to use standard tamper evident caps available from Rieke or other suppliers. A variety of accessories are available to make installation straight forward including fittings, check valves to prevent fumes from venting to atmosphere and to prevent liquid from returning to the container during periods when liquid is not being pumped (foot valves).

The DrumQuik PRO system is made from virgin FDA approved materials and is available with EPDM and FKM options. The Coupler is available with 316SSt or Hastelloy C spring options. In addition, high purity versions featuring all plastic construction, FFKM (Perfluoroelastomer), polyolefin (POE) and encapsulated seals, flare style fitting tubing connections, clean room manufacturing including custom length dip-tubes and final packaging are available through Container Technology Inc.

An easy to use keying system is available that allows any non-keyed version to be either color coded, physically keyed or both. No need to pay for a keying system if you don't need it! The keys are purchased separately and simply snap into place, they can be installed in seconds.

A variety of accessories are available including replacement parts, check valves & foot valves (to prevent back flow into container), compression and hose barb style fittings and a torque tool adapter for installation of the Drum Insert assembly.

The DrumQuik PRO has been DOT/UN tested and approved with a variety of common drums and IBC's including Container Technology Inc. drums. The dip-tube closure (Drum Insert Assembly) can be used with dedicated container fleets and re-used a number of times but it's low cost makes it ideal for "single-trip" or "one-way" packaging as well, thus eliminating the up-front capital expense and logistical complexity associated with dedicated container fleets. Contact Container Technology or CPC for specific approvals as needed.

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